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"Who could be so lucky? Who comes to a lake for water and sees the reflection of the moon." Rumi


The Undeniable Sensations of My (Home)

I feel the breath of my mother

As I swagger about.

She whispers through my skin

And dances in my veins,

Absorbs my tears to replenish the greens-

Nothing shall waste.

She surrounds my existence

And offers me light.

Day and night

I lay on her bosom,

Drink of her stream,

And feed off her harvest.

She listens.

She speaks.

She smiles.

Earth, mother how I adore you

Please forgive me for I will fail you no more.

Photo setting: Ft. Lauderdale


Pinky Hue – Hazy Ride

From my residence to the highway, the pinkish shades offered much to the eyes. In these photos you will see how hazy the sky became as my velocity increased.

0 mph

45 mph

60 mph

70 mph

I really love this last picture because it almost looks like water colors on canvas.  


“Just a matter of time…”

This is my beginning

For I’ve chosen the end.

No longer trailing along,

Lost in a desire that weakens my soul,

I now walk barefoot.

I confidently sat on a pedestal

Almost engraved with my name,

But as quickly as I was elevated

Tumbling down I came –

I was now on the backburner.

See last night I prayed.

Leaving behind what once held me high,

Shedding the layers that eventually

Dragged me down,

I just prayed.

My plea was answered before I even began.

Yet there I prayed – seeking reassurance.

Going back in time,

I realized I was driving past exit signs

Time after time, disguised in numbers –

Each representing the many occasions

I wished to retract on my journey

And many of my regretted actions.

But God spoke to me,

Forgave me for the guilt I carried in the backseat,

Buried with accessories necessary for one’s travels.

This expedition had an expiration date

From the moment I agreed to ride.

But this is my beginning.

And I smile because now I just drive –

Drive on a freeway at a comfortable speed

Windows down,

Hair blowing in the wind,

Sun kissing my skin…

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Breakfast for a Goddess

I have to admit that lately I’ve been naughty with my eating habits. So this morning I awoke at an earlier time to go to the market. 

I’ve been feeling a little sluggish lately; the endless rain makes me want to stay indoors and cozy-up. (Luckily it has stopped). ORANGES are a great immunity and energy booster with their high percentage of Vitamin C. This is a must for me right now!

Last night I went out with a good friend to watch The Heat game at a sports bar. Needless to say, I consumed an alcoholic beverage, Cognac to be exact. Because alcohol tends to be very acidic, I needed to find a fruit that is very alkeline in nature. What better choice than the WATERMELON? It’s alkalinity is 8 on the scale. Plus, I remember some years ago my nutrition professor mentioned something about alcohol depleting any existing Zinc in our bodies, and I know for a fact that the white seeds in watermelon provide much Zinc… see where I’m going with this?

While it is great to nourish my body with antioxidants and zinc and everything else that fruits provide, I felt i needed to add something else to my breakfast. Ah, yes… NUTS. This organic harvest will provide me with the necessary fiber and protein for my morning. Almonds, Cashews, Pistachios, Sunflower Seeds, Cranberries…


And of course I will wash this down with water (I would prefer tea), but regular water will do! 🙂

Bon appétit to me!

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Spanglish Freestyle

I was inspired by Beachole‘s blog post  to write a freestyle in spanish, but english interrupted and so I made a spanglish concoction of words that flow to say randomness. Enjoy!

Con el coro yo ando

Flotando con el chillum

Pensando en el freedom

Of the mind – of expression

Superstition no existe en mi espacio

Solo paz

Meticulous rhymes are what make me

Im not a pawn

Tompoco soy esclava

Me gusta tomar kava

En la barra up in Hollywood

No, it aint my hood

Pero siempre toi presente



En el universo con la gente