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"Who could be so lucky? Who comes to a lake for water and sees the reflection of the moon." Rumi

Showers from Heaven

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For the past two weeks in South Florida there has been pouring rain, on and off. But today… it is definitely ON.

This morning, on my way to work, I capture this photo before getting on the highway, an image that would forecast a gloomy day.

The Heavens do not deceive. I go to lunch 60 minutes after the noon hour. Sprinting through puddles in the parking lot, I rush  inside my car. I drive away… going at snail-like speed: 5mph.

These huge droplets are distorting my view.

After 15 minutes of driving from 18th Street to 16th, I finally approach the drive-thru of Pollo Tropical. As I wait in line, I realize I could take better pictures from my passenger window.

Some drivers don’t feel threatened by the rain.

Besides the mini lakes forming on the roads, there’s another one forming in the grass.

On my way back to work, I notice this 18-wheeler going  full speed!

 Now it looks like a river!

 It gets worse!

 Stepping out of my car after waiting for the rain to ease, the water is more than ankle deep!

Good thing I can swim! 😉


Author: amoonfull

A lover of arts, tea & nature.

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