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"Who could be so lucky? Who comes to a lake for water and sees the reflection of the moon." Rumi

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Jim Morrison knew…

From “The Lost Writing of Jim Morrison – the poems and diaries of a rock n roll legend – WILDERNESS”

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“Love is My Religion”

“We look forward to the time when the Power of Love will replace the Love of Power. Then will our world know the blessings of peace.” – William Gladstone (b1809, d1898)

Ziggy Marley

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Lights, Camera, Puppets!

I awoke behind the scenes
Of what seems to be impossible.
Theater curtains
Come to a stop midway.
It isn’t time yet, is it?

I know nothing,
Yet I know the plot will unfold-
It thickens not, not yet.

In the drama that is life
There are characters who only memorize lines
-Cameras roll.
-Mics hang.
-Ropes pull.

The director knows my name –
Witnessed my peak.
He knows me.

He wants me to be in the play.
Acting? It isn’t my forte.
A spectator, ah, perhaps more fitting
For now because now isn’t for me

Symmetrically between
Left and right,
Front and back,
I sit.
The corn has popped,
I eat.
My feet hang over the back of a chair in front.

The dialogue is weak.
A slow monotonous death supersedes
The first five takes of life,
Physically, anyway.

But I’m now asleep.
My body, that is.
And I shall play.
A major part of history will be unveiled
Through the lens of dreams,
Not stages.
Phases of broken legs
And luck for the good
Will be but momentary.

I dream.

I am.

I know nothing yet.
But I know that much.

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I’ve been absent lately

… but the Divine has been most present, now more than ever, or at least I am more receptive to it (me).

As some of you may know, I am currently traveling a path of truth, seeking that which can only set me free. And how fantastic it feels, you know, that breath of freedom!

I’m dancing with the wind
and flirting with the sea-
charging from the moon
and bathing with the sun-
speaking to the flowers
and healing through the Earth.

Sunday – May 18, 2012:
It marks the beginning of what I knew would eventually come.

~*~ Relationhips are forming ~*~
~*~ The stars are aligning ~*~
~*~ My light is shinning ~*~

Inexplicable events have been taking place in my life this past week, yet I have never understood anything as clearly as I am this moment. The unfolding of ’mystical’ synchronizations within new associations was at first, to say the least, overwhelming. I kept telling my self, “OK, now I have many things to process“, but in all actuality, the process is happening on its own, unveiling secrets, energies, visions, etc. that, magically, are making a smooth transition in this path.

~*~ Gaining access to the divine ~*~
~*~ Enjoying the transformation ~*~
~*~ Shining my light ~*~

I have found someone who has become my closest sidekick. The formation of such relationship was written since our past lives. We have a mission to finish, I’m sure. He asked me (in summary) —>>> What are your goals? What are you trying to achieve during this journey you have embarked upon, and how do you plan on doing so? <<<—

I didn’t know how to answer. Apparently, my journey to enlightenment needs some structure. No. Not structure. But I can’t walk around headless, thinking that everything I may stumble upon will lead to such heights. So in essence, I need to answer those questions honestly, in isolation (meditation). I know what I want to achieve. Now I need to gain the techniques and wisdom to reach my goal.

And what better confirmation than through my dreams? My first step is to start a dream journal. The power behind my dreams is not to be ignored. The messages I have been receiving are key to divination. My next steps are being carefully designed for my individual path to ONENESS.

I can’t help but to allow my heart and soul to smile!

Love & Light,
Moon ♥


It lingers…

This insatiable appetite.

Stop, says the mind.

I can’t.

I need.

Texture, warmth, coolness.

Salty, sweet, pungent.

Every bite penetrates

The buds of taste

And creates orgasms.

Closing my eyes

I enjoy, I live.

I savor with a smile.

I swallow with satisfaction.

It travels through a vortex

As it feeds my blood.


It comforts my belly

Like jelly on bread.

I. Cant. Stop.

I hunger.

I crave.

I sigh from relief.

Another round, maybe?