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"Who could be so lucky? Who comes to a lake for water and sees the reflection of the moon." Rumi

My Closest Comfort


Sleep is my closest comfort.

A comforter, white like snow-

Stuffed in a dark satin duvet,

Drapes over my forsaken skin.

My head, propped in the middle

Of my favorite pillow,

Is cased in satin, with a lavender mist.

Sigh… It soothes my soul.

Tranquility at my fingertips.

As the A.C. turns, tightly I hold on,

Squeezing as I’m held in a snug position

By no one…by no one but my comforter.


Sleep is my closest comfort.

My energy is replenished

And my blemishes unseen-

My tomorrow foreseen in dreams,

Witnessing my sorrows.

Guessing games come to a halt,

Hunger becomes repressed,

Loneliness nonexistent

With desires fully expressed.

Events were yesterday’s worries;

But tonight as my comforter caresses

My limbs and core, I fall into deep sleep.

Artist: Nikolai Kuznetsov

Sleep is my closest comfort,

Where the solar of my plexus is safe

 As I embrace my own shoulders

And interlace my fingers tightly.

To be held… I yearn to be held.

At night only the silky fabric of satin

Twines together with my legs.

My bed feels my weight as I sigh,

As I scream into my pillow,

Flooding it with cries

Before my lids shut.


Sleep is my closest comfort.

Remaining silently throughout-

Watching, hearing, enjoying me

As I travel in between each crevice

And every corner of my mind.

My sleep is precious,

Offering me a lifetime of dreams

In a fraction of a day.

All my thoughts are welcomed,

And troubles put on pause –

My flaws are no more

for a higher self is born.



Author: amoonfull

A lover of arts, tea & nature.

4 thoughts on “My Closest Comfort

  1. Beautifully written. Fav lines “tranquility at my fingertips”, “my flaws are no more for a higher self is born”.

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