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"Who could be so lucky? Who comes to a lake for water and sees the reflection of the moon." Rumi


Bathroom Art

The other day I went to a hookah bar with a friend of mine. We discussed philosophy, books, religions, awareness, dreams, energy-related topics, family issues, Ramadan, etc… It was an awesome time.

As we’re getting ready to call it a night, I headed for the bathroom.  When I walked in, I almost forgot I had to use it. I was so busy looking at their ART WORK. And guess what? I took pictures! I gave my own titles but unfortunately don’t have the artists’ names.

Check them out!

Kicks and a Pop

Alien Head


Traffic Jam

Paint Ball

It Wasn’t Me






Which one is your favorite? I have two- Alien Head and Kicks and a Pop


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Two new PAGES

Over the weekend, I decided to create two new pages to my blog.

  • Doodles was made to show off my drawing skills, or the opposite rather. But I thought it would be a cool idea to show you guys my NOT so talented side, a side of me that I’ve always wanted to develop but chose other artistic mediums instead.

  • Watcha Listenin To? was created to add something fun to the mix! I’m a huge music fan and I love music from around the world. I wanna know what everyone is listening to. It’s more of an interactive page, and I truly hope you guys are ready to PLAY!!


(Reyes) in Spanish

… means Kings in English. It’s the only word I can make out from this wall. I took this photo one Sunday afternoon in Miami, Wynwood to be exact – right in the Miami Design District where all the streets and walls are painted with different kinds of art work. The area is filled with hipster bars, great restaurants, and a plethora of art museums.

Graffiti / Wall Art @ the Miami Design District in Wynwood

I keep telling myself that I will go back just to take lots of pictures, but I need a real camera, which by the way is on its way in the mail! Right now I only use my Blackberry Bold 9700, and its nearing its death. It’s on life support. The letter Q is missing, the top is cracking in half, and I can’t use the phone unless I have earphones plugged in. But hey, I’m still able to communicate efficiently.

So I purchased this little video camera from Groupon for $40 – it’s worth $130. I’m sure it’s not of the best quality, but I thought it was super cool that I could take it under water! And I love the beach, so I will definitely put it to good use.

Soon, I will be posting more photos of The Design District. It’s really a great area.



Most of you are not aware, but I started fasting last Friday, 7-20-2012, for the month of Ramadan. What can I say? It is better than I expected and not as hard as I assumed

I have never fasted. So I guess that makes me a fast-virgin. haha! Is that inappropriate? Anyhow, my intentions were to complete three to five days of fasting, even though Ramadan’s done for a month. But after the first three days went by, I knew I had to keep going. I wasn’t going to limit myself. I’m not Muslim, but I really want/need to experience this. I went to a Mosque for the first time that Friday to break fast with my soul brothers. One of my closest ones told me I had to wear a head scarf. (I won’t deny that I felt inclined to reject the idea of attending because I felt like I shouldn’t have to.) But I put my pride and ignorance aside and agreed. I must say I look rather charming in a hijab! 🙂

How do they wrap these things nicely and make it stay?

At that Mosque, the food was DELICIOUS. The first night we had brown rice, roti and some sweet mango thing, salad, and some kind of meat. I didn’t eat the meat, although it looked quite appetizing. The second night there was a curry rice with veggies, noodles with veggies, salad and chicken. Again, I didn’t have the chicken.

My overall diet after breaking fast has consisted of natural veggie and fruit juices, cereal with nuts and fruits and hemp powder with almond milk, grilled veggie pizza, freshly ground peanut butter and raspberry jam sandwiches on french mini baguettes or multi-grain ciabatta rolls, wheat crackers and tomato basil hummus, fruits and salads. Oh, and of course WATER and tea!

Made my salads and juices from here

One of the breads

They grounded the butter in front of me.. that’s what i call FRESH

Granola & fruit cereal. Ants proof!

I trust you WON’T report me

The other one was grilled

Just a small fraction of my tea collection

So, back to the title of my post. I have been constantly flowing with energy since I began Ramadan. And I know we are made of energy, so of course its only natural. But I mean, I am very well aware of it. I feel it in my veins, through my chest, under my skin. It’s such a great, satisfying and healing feeling. I’d say it’s indescribable, but AMAZING! I feel refreshed, light, happy, ecstatic, lively, more positive… I could go on.

I wondered, what has been sustaining me during the fifteen hours of absolutely no consumption, and I only have one answer: GOD. I pray and meditate every chance I get. I’ve disconnected from every social site (except you guys), I have not watched TV, listened to music, socialized (unless I’m at the Mosque or other healing group gathering (Reiki circles, for example), nor have I felt the need for these things.

I feel stupendous, fantastically amazing and overall filled with peace.

So, last night I decided to treat myself because I am truly proud at how much I am achieving and how disciplined I have been. I don’t have a sweet tooth, but every now and then I crave for a scrumptious delicacy of some sort. This is the Ultimate Pecan Cinnamon Roll from The Fresh Market, about 18 miles from home.

the photo does it NO justice

But I only had this much!

I shared the rest

Overall, I feel like I have more clarity, more energy, more joy and peace. I will definitely be doing this every year. It’s been the best decision I’ve made in 2012 so far. I truly and wholeheartedly recommend this to any and every one, religious or not, spiritual or not.
Ain’t it ironic how in a post about fasting there seems to be so much food? I do get thirsty, but honestly, I have not been starving. I truly feel great, and God alone has been sustaining me.


Confucius once said…

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

Photo Credit: Yftaheco

I never realized how much that single line is helping me in my personal life at the moment. A friend of mine recently advised me to stop trying to be “a jack of all trades” because i will be “a master of none”. I love many things, many, many things… i’m just so intrigued. I’d love to learn how to do all those things i am intrigued by. The problem lies here: I WANT TO LEARN HOW TO DO ALL THINGS SIMULTANEOUSLY. Almost too simultaneously that it makes me feel indecisive.

So, in avoiding to learn many things in a half-ass way, I will approach 2 things that resonate with me the most at the moment and learn, adapt, improve, create and become a master. Then as my interest may change, i will choose 2 more things and do the same. I may change my mind in the process and it will be ok. I’m confident this approach will serve me better as i learn, practice and perfect.

Speaking of master… I like tea very much! Me encanta!

Chamomile & Lavender tea with ginger peach cookies

And I have been wanting to become a Tea Master. In becoming a Tea Master, one learns about the cultivation of tea and its processing, its characteristics in flavor, tea rituals and history. Also, with more certification, one will have the ability to distinguish the quality of different teas as well as tea ware and learn advanced brewing techniques.


I recently looked up the information for certification, and umm… let’s just say, I will stick to drinking and sharing with loved ones and taking my time to learn on my own through research and tasting as much tea as i possibly can, at least for now.

Is that me going about it in a half-ass way? I jus’t dont have that kind of money, and I refuse to get a loan. Either way, taking time to do the research and tasting all kinds of teas will give me an excuse to throw tea parties all the time, and who doesn’t love and enjoy tea parties?


In lavender essence…

He tasted like a summer night

Under a bright moon,

Sublime in nature;

An overflow of thoughts

Rippled to the perimeter of his mind.

Bloodshot – his eyes heard all

That mine could not see.

Symbolism expanded in my space

As it dwelled in his.

Shapes and objects in our cocoon

Filled with colors and textures –

Painted Ladies Mating
Photo Credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/30006641@N02/

It soon became apparent that

Our realities were measured

By the intensity with which

Our convictions were expressed.

He’s shifted; I’m immune.

In his trajectory I find solitude.

He yearns for me; I give my all.

Still, alone I walk.

But it’s perfect in its existence.

With the stillness of our hearts

We succumb, but only momentarily.

From passion we’ve come this far,

Ever so enthralled with love.