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"Who could be so lucky? Who comes to a lake for water and sees the reflection of the moon." Rumi

My First Award: Lovely Blogger


Yay, my first award! I was nominated a week and a half ago with this One Lovely Blog Award. Truly, I’m humbled. I came across her blog through another blog and I was instantly intrigued. Her photos are very inviting and inspire me to go out and take more than I already do, (should be getting my camera soon 😀 ). Since I began blogging approx 2 to 3 months ago, I have come across numerous blogs that are worth following, and I’m grateful to those who follow me as well and enjoy my posts.

So, rule number 1 in accepting this award is to thank the blogger who nominated me and provide a link to her site. Hibiscus Rosa Noor , thank you for the nomination and supportsince you began following my blog. EVERYONE, please visit her blog by clicking the link above!

Rule number 2 is to share 7 random things about myself which I haven’t already revealed in my blog. So here goes (in no particular order)!

  1. When I was 20 years old, I published a book of children’s poetry titled In a Full State of Mind. A copy was sent to children in Uganda.
  2. I have never seen snow.
  3. I rock myself to sleep.
  4. I migrated to the US around the time I was 3. During one of the rivers that my family and I crossed, my parents handed me over to 2 men who were also migrating; each of my parents had each of my 2 siblings so they needed help. The men crossed the river before them; they lost sight of them and lost me for a few hours.
  5. I’ve only had one trophy in my entire life, and it was in 5th grade for a Spanish spelling bee, go figure!
  6. I set out a goal to learn a new language each year, starting this year. 2012 – Portuguese. Me desejem sorte!
  7. In one year alone, I locked myself out of my car at least 10 times! No exaggerating!! 

The next rule is to list 15 bloggers whom I’ve had the privilege of following and would like to acknowledge as my favorites.  These bloggers are, by no means, the only great ones I follow, but I was limited to this amount. In my attempt to be as versatile as possible, here are my final top 15 (in no particular order). Do check them out!

  1. Yogini Tiff – A Yogini and Reiki Master with great adventures, pictures and advice- positive light and energy.
  2. Slapppshot – Great sense of humor and fun to read about the Big Three: Dad, daughter and their fury sidekick.
  3. El Bueno, El Feo y El Malo – Skilled photographer, providing so much of his work, which is AMAZING!
  4. Small Potatoes – Most creative blogger I have come across – provides toddlers with the tools to fuel their imagination.
  5. Suzee in the City– From Cairo, a photo journalist who captures street art as it begins to rise in vibrancy amidst political upheaval.
  6. Beachole – A seeker of truth discovering hidden talents – unapologetically and straight to the point (no sugar-coating), he unveils social media, politics and life as it comes across his path.
  7. Loni Duek – Wonderful and creative artist, photographer, Reiki Master, writer and lover of nature with an inspirational and breath of fresh air blog!
  8. Clotilda Jam Cracker – Witty, comical, amusing, thought provoking and out-of-this-world; she knows how to tell a story, divert it and come back to the original topic, always keeping the reader wanting more.
  9.  Silver Poetry – Very talented artist and poet with a true, mesmerizing gift!
  10. Beach House Kitchen – Exceptional blog about everything healthy in the kitchen, abundant with advice, recipes, vibrant photos and information.
  11. The Borscht of Time – Filled with philosophy and wisdom, sure to make you reflect and ponder.
  12. Talkin’ Shit – What it sounds like, but not really. Taps on different topics that come to mind, cross his path or may be passionately for or against with great sense of humor yet grounded with conviction.
  13. Oh.She.Cook. – About a girl and her apron! Very cute blog. Great food indeed!
  14. ooamerica – Hosting multimedia content produced during ooa revo’s 2011-2012 USA Road Trip including videos, photos, writing, artwork and more.
  15. Soulshine Traveler – a beautiful blog about traveling all around the world with inspiring photos. A MUST see!

The last rule is to notify all 15 bloggers and link them to this post. 

I hope you guys enjoy these blogs as much as I do!

Author: amoonfull

A lover of arts, tea & nature.

12 thoughts on “My First Award: Lovely Blogger

  1. well I… thank you.

  2. you are the inspiring one dear moon, i knew that the moment i saw your smiley gravatar and your warm positive words in my photo gallery comments. am so pleased and grateful to have crossed paths with you.

  3. Thankyou wonderful x You are now on my seven things about me page forever xx

  4. Maru thank you so much!
    Super appreciated linda!

  5. Wow, thanks very much, very honored to be in such diverse company! Greetings, Ron

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