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"Who could be so lucky? Who comes to a lake for water and sees the reflection of the moon." Rumi



Un plato típico de mi país es el Vigorón

Vigorón is a traditional dish in my native country, Nicaragua. It’s usually considered a party or get-together dish. Easy to make and fun to eat, no forks or spoons necessary. It is often accompanied by Chica or Cacao.

Refresco de Chica  is The Maize Drink.

Maize is corn. The maize is soaked overnight. The next day it is grounded and placed in water with added red food coloring. The mixture is then cooked. Once it is cooled, sugar and more water is added. The following day, more sugar and water is added again, plus some vanilla extract or banana flavoring. The result is a cool pink maize drink. (Not recommended for those with diabetes or borderline. It shouldn’t even be drunk on a regular basis.)

Refresco de Cacao is The Cocoa Bean Drink. 

It is made of cocoa beans, milk, rice, cinnamon, cloves and sugar. The beans are roasted and then cooled. The cocoa beans are peeled. Then they’re crushed along with previously soaked rice, cinnamon sticks and cloves in a food processor. A bit of water is added to make a very soft paste. In a glass jar, milk is poured. Then the mixture is added into the milk and sweetened to taste. Served with lots and lots of ice. (This is a heavy drink but nutritious. It compensates for our very greasy foods).

Now to the meat of this post: El Vigorón

It’s super easy to make. All you need is Yucca, Pork rinds, cabbage, tomatoes or carrots, vinegar, lime and for those TRUE Nicaraguans, jalapenos! (green pepper and onions can also be added to the cabbage salad.)

The yucca is boiled until very soft. The pork rind is usually the thick, meaty kind, not the airy, artificial-tasting kind you get in bags from the grocery store. Chopped veggies to make the salad. It’s very basic and fast to make. Fun to eat! Oh, and typically, it is served on a big plantain leaf, or hoja de platano.

Photo credits:

El Vigorón, Chica, Cacao – Nicaragua: tierra de lagos, volcanes, poetas y contrastes

Refresco de ChicaLos hijos de septiembreApuntes sobre el nicaragüense de hoy

Refresco de Cacao – Nicaragua: tierra de lagos, volcanes, poetas y contrastes

El Vigorón – Granada Turistica – Una belleza natural


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10 thoughts on “Vigorón

  1. delicious and nutritious looking! 🙂

  2. The drinks would be too sweet for me, but sound and look delicious! The salad sounds wonderful! We have some cabbage from our garden so I think I’ll make some up, sans pork rinds. I’ll add extra jalapeno to make up for the pork!

    • yes my dear, too sweet! The Cacao is actually not that sweet, albeit i don’t prefer it for that chocolaty taste. I don’t usually eat pork unless my parents make it, and this year alone they haven’t. Nonetheless, this is one of our great traditional dishes, and even if I was vegan, I wouldn’t pass it up! :-p

  3. Interesting food…I never heard of either. Both look like good summer dishes =)

  4. I want all of them Now

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