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Matsyasana Day 1

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I don’t practice yoga like I wish I did, or perhaps like I should. I know all the benefits of yoga (the different types), and I encourage it to any and every one. The problem? I get bored. I really want to like it because I know how beneficial it would be for my breathing and sciatica. But I really get bored out of my mind! My sister suggested I practice Vinyasa Yoga since it flows from position to position instead of keeping a pose for longer periods of time. I have fallen asleep during yoga before, so this type that is a bit more vigorous may be just what I need!

However, I love doing poses often, even if I don’t practice yoga. My sister shows me different ones all the time, and I give them a try, without stretching, without previous attempts… I just try them.

Last night we played tennis, and afterward, she began stretching. Then asked me if I had ever seen the Fish Pose. She showed it to me and I tried it out. Below is the picture.

This morning, I looked up the pose on Google. I didn’t know there were variations of the same pose. So guess what?  I will try every variation I see online and take pictures and show you. I’ve just gotta get creative with the places I choose to do them in. This is gonna be fun! 🙂

Matsyasana: The name comes from the Sanskrit words matsya (मत्स्य) meaning “fish” and asana (आसन) meaning “posture” or “seat”. (Source:Wikipedia)


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