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"Who could be so lucky? Who comes to a lake for water and sees the reflection of the moon." Rumi

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Adding to “How Standardization Screws You Over”

The illustration in the reblogged post below reminds me of Albert Einstein’s quote that says, “Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”

With that being said, I looked up the meaning of standardization on Wikipedia.

Standardization: the process of developing and implementing technical standards.

What does that even mean? Do kids really know why they take all these standardized tests? All they’ve been brainwashed to believe is that passing those tests is the only way to secure a future. Now, what does that mean? If you asked me, our children are being set up for failure. Sure there are exceptions, but aren’t there exceptions to everything else in life? Kids are programmed to think a certain way, and after they’ve reached adulthood and begin to experience what life outside of school can be, they realize that it was all BS. And then there are others who feel like failures because they couldn’t comply with what was expected of them.

All these new technologies and gadgets and things are great, I guess. But what do they really prove? Changing the education paradigm right now would be the real innovation in the recent history of man. There are so many things that aren’t flowing in our education system, and as a consequence, kids grow into adulthood with a conditioned state of mind, lacking the proper skills and inner knowledge necessary that allows a person to just be.

While I can agree with almost everything stated in Inspiration Avenue’s post, I have a slightly different opinion on the things our children should be learning. For example, connecting with nature, in my opinion, is such a crucial part of life, period.  We ARE nature. We, like everything else on this Earth, are made up of energy, and if we saw the correlation between us and all other living things, we’d have a more conscious outlook on life. Why not have more nature field-trips, have class outdoors more often, experience nature at its core?

Nutrition is also important.  Unfortunately, we have forgotten what it’s like to eat real foods. I speak from the western world because that’s where I reside. If we taught proper nutrition in school, as opposed to the watered-down , ever-changing food pyramids and lobbied versions of what we should be eating, the health problems that are now exponentially worsening in our society wouldn’t be a major issue.

Also, the arts shouldn’t be a privilege. Charter schools and magnet schools offer great arts programs. Regular public schools offer an hour, maybe, and I’m not sure if it’s only by election. When cutting back on school programs, the arts or physical education are the ones that should least be considered for removal. Being creative and physically active has more benefits for a child than math, science and history combined. Kids love to express themselves, and sitting in a classroom for 8 hours a day with their little eyes stuck on a chalk/marker board, book, or computer screen represses all other healthy functions. It is said that creativity is enhanced by an increased use of the whole brain. Music, writing, drawing, sculpting, acting, singing, dancing… all these creative activities enhance every part of the brain. It allows children to tap into their inner selves and experiment, learn, create and be.

While learning other subjects like the ones mentioned in the reblogged article could be of great use, I firmly believe that those having to do more with our nature will make more sense and be more beneficial to every individual. These natural skills, when enhanced, can make such a difference in a person’s overall self; and in turn, would be of greater collective value.

**I know this post is already long, but I highly recommend reading my previous post of the reblogged article and watching the video at the end of this post. you won’t be disappointed. Blessings – Moon**

“This animate was adapted from a talk given at the RSA by Sir Ken Robinson, world-renowned education and creativity expert and recipient of the RSA’s Benjamin Franklin award.”

I found out about the video through Ideastheisia’s blog some months ago. His blog is also worthy of following.


How Standardization Screws You Over

I’m so glad this post was created. It’s a great article that lit my brain and extracted some things that I don’t speak of on a regular basis. This is such an important topic and I will add to it on a separate post. Enjoy.

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Her Voice

“Hey you! How have you been?

I’m sorry I haven’t had a chance to speak with you lately, but I miss you.”

 She called me early this week. I haven’t seen her since May or June and we’ve only spoken twice on the phone since. Hearing her voice, a voice so familiar and heartwarming, sent a loving energy down all my extremities and through the base of my body.

Tears rolled down my cheeks as I expressed the same feelings. We’ve been friends since 1994 and after 2002, our physical connection has been minimal, but we found ways to connect through other means. There were times when we didn’t communicate for a whole year. But once she got a hold of me or vice-versa, it’s as if time was nonexistent and we began right where we left off.

Never an awkward moment between us. She embraces my differences as I do hers. I must admit that since my last visit in May or June I felt a noteworthy disconnection between the two. I was afraid that all these changes I’ve been going through this year with my awakening was going to create a shift in our friendship. I suddenly felt that 18 years of sisterhood were just going to remain part of a cherished memory; quite honestly, I was willing to accept that loss because of the peace I began attaining within myself that was beginning to allow me to view everyone as a passing cloud: some remain in position for a while; others flow rather quickly. And I thought perhaps it was time for us to move on.

That night when I heard her voice, all the wonderful reasons for which she’s my best friend immediately came to mind. I wanted to jump through the phone and give her a never-ending hug! I don’t know what the future holds for our friendship, but I love her with all my might, despite our suddenly different points of views. And I’m glad she called me this week, because the comfort she brought to me was needed. We always know the right time to reach out, even if only subconsciously.


Today’s Lunch

                 Today’s Lunch Menu

  • -Nature (grass, trees, water, sun, shade and wind)
  • -30 Minutes Meditation w/ Sound Healing Music
  • -15 Minutes Self-Reiki
  • -10 Minutes Absorb Nature w/ Deep Breaths
  • -5 Minutes Absorb Renewed Self


Hey, Robot… feel THIS!

A few days ago, two friends and I met a man, whom we’ll call VF for Victor Frankenstein, who seems to have become obsessed with the idea of robots becoming more and more like humans. He showed us of the newest robot invention, in which he has invested, and praised it for its ability to evoke ‘emotion’. The robot is programmed to think like a human. VF was pushing his claim about the humanistic technology by stating that one day it will be taking care of our parents when they reach old age since, according to him, we humans don’t care enough about each other to do it. And that’s the reason he invested in this ‘human’ of the future. He has little faith in humanity and would rather deposit it, along with his money (or credit/loan), in something that ultimately is made by man. Ironic.

My friends and I had a different take on the subject. To what seemed to him as a negative outlook on technology, he went on a tangent about the need to see it as something positive and begins to number the very few advantages of embracing it. Now, to be clear, my outlook on technology is by no means a negative one, rather a more consciously critical perspective whilst acknowledging those very few qualities.

And as VF so fervidly tries to convince us that robots are the future of humanity and how we should eagerly embrace it, he fails to accept the fact that if he took that same passion and applied it to his views about humankind, he’d then realize that this initial obsession over technology is one of the main factors why society has become so desensitized. He said these robots would one day learn to love, perhaps even better than we ever could. Ha! We actually found this amusing.

My friends, let’s not forget that even though our fleshly bodies will eventually decay, our spirit bodies live on for an eternity. Our souls will wonder in galactic bliss time after time. Love can NEVER be replaced. Never. Our hearts are made of energy, our nervous system and hormones work magically together to provide the serotonin and endorphin, for example, that only human touch and other humanly functions can offer, and most importantly, our souls that reside in our physical know and feel the connection between all that is encompassed through The Divine.

Sure there are a plethora of things wrong in the world, but they won’t fix with attacks and negative energy. Ego destroys, compassion builds, and love will always remain. Let’s stay in love with one another despite turmoil.

Nina Simone addresses the audience so cleverly. But as the robots that people have become, they remained clueless as to the meaning and feelings that Nina was indirectly expressing. Please enjoy this fascinating and passionate performance.

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My new favorite window

“You are not thrown into this physical world without guidance…. All the signs you need for your walk are everywhere but if you are too busy ‘seeking’ to find them you will never notice them.”

I recently began following this blog (A Window of Wisdom) and have learned much in such little time. I got the above quote from this post. Loved it as it can surely be applied to many of us on our journeys.

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Jamaica Trip Sept 2012 #2

These photos were taken with my BlackBerry. The only pictures I took with it.

Here, I had just arrived from Miami into Kingston.

As I stepped outside, I couldn’t believe the mountains in the background!

This is the trampoline Damali and I sat one for quite some time on Sunday morning.

I must confess… this was the first time I actually enjoyed coconut water.

I have a new found love for it!

The famous Bob Marley Museum.  The purpose of going was to pass out flyers for the event on Saturday.

I was hoping to have a chance to actually visit it.

The weather that weekend was either extremely hot or overcast with thunder.

We did a lot of driving!

To the left you’ll notice my favorite tree: Royal Poinciana

Saturday morning before starting my busy day, I had breakfast out in the balcony.

The view from Beverly Hills

The famous Jamaican fruit, Ackee before it’s ready to eat.

Cool looking plant.

Plane about to depart. It’s violet hour.

In the air, pink haze. Beautiful!

I can feel the fresh air just by looking down at the mountains.