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Binders Full of Nicaraguan Women

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As an Nicaraguan-American, I am very well aware of these issues though I cant relate. I’ve only visited my country once since I left when I was only three, but my parents keep us abreast of our homeland issues. Plus, the internet is vast with information. Unfortunately, this plight the blogger speaks of isn’t only true for Nicaraguan women, but for millions of women in impoverished, government-corrupted countries all around the world. It’s a sad reality no one should have to live. Thanks again to Debbie for shedding light on such an important topic.

Rewired and Retired in Nicaragua

Mitt Romney’s faux pas during the second Presidential debate would NEVER be understood in Nicaragua. When he claimed to have been presented with “binders full of women”, my only thought was of the plight of Nicaraguan women. There are many dusty binders of Nicaraguan women stacked on police officers’ shelves, only they are full of  reports of domestic violence, abuse, exploitation, and sex trafficking…certainly not women’s resumes.

How do I explain equal rights to my impoverished neighbor with three children under the age of three, who washes dirty diapers by hand in the lake, cooks every meal over a fire, while sweeping the trash from her dirt floor into the street, and tending to the needs of her invalid father-in-law? Adioska doesn’t have a clue about resumes or equal pay in a country where the average take-home pay for men is $100 a month. She lives in survival mode daily……

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