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"Who could be so lucky? Who comes to a lake for water and sees the reflection of the moon." Rumi

Rhythms of my heart


And at times the fragrance of your soul

Lingers around my skin.

Sinful for two connected spirits to divide;

But the shade of the night fingers the thought

Of galactic encounters in the violet hour.


As the universe becomes our playground,

Verses I once recited to you drown under heavenly skies.

My eyes cannot help but taste what my lips once felt.


Your memory resonates with the deepest

Desires of my heart.

And above the superficiality of society,

I will love you with flowing energy

Like the rivers that once bathed Christ.


I shiver your name in sweat

Through dreams that echo your essence –

Your presence lives in my womb

For you are the one I envisioned since birth.

A love for you that isn’t seen in the physical

Caresses your whole with spiritual longing.


Never forget me.


Author: amoonfull

A lover of arts, tea & nature.

7 thoughts on “Rhythms of my heart

  1. This is heartachingly beautiful – thank you.

  2. sin to divide…. i like that when so much has been made of the ‘sin’ of connecting…. x

  3. Your poem is mesmerizingly beautiful and takes one’s breath away! I was surely amazed by your words my sister as i too am a poet, and write of romantic/spiritual poems to God and my loved one. I was indeed by the inner spirit touch of your poem that blends true beauty to it, a lasting beauty, and you have written it so that your words dance to your heart’s melody making the moment pristine and so very elegant to embrace. I was blessed to visit your site and feel the touch of your noble heart. Keep on writing for you are very talented my sister. Sweet blessings to you again!

    • Oh my, I am so grateful to have read this on this lovely morning. It truly warms my heart to see how my words, feelings and essence can touch another person’s soul. Thank you so, very much! 🙂 Many blessings.

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