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"Who could be so lucky? Who comes to a lake for water and sees the reflection of the moon." Rumi


One Year In

E942593_10151395495651607_1514799709_nFourteen days ago I received a notification about my One Year Anniversary with WordPress! One year and 14 days ago, I was convinced I knew what I was trying to achieve with this blog. But now, I’m not so sure and it feels great because I don’t have the headache of having to find the right topics, photographs or poems to specifically post on my blog. One year and 14 days ago I wrote my first post about which I smile every time I read. I was attempting to reach enlightenment through what? I now realize it’s not a goal you reach and then move on to the next. It’s self discovery from every level forever. It’s being aware of life knowing not all the answers yet remaining peaceful and being faithful that whatever the outcome should be, it will provide room for growth and wisdom.

Here’s an (un)apologetically short synopsis of the year before my blog began, the year during, and the beginning of another year into the blog.

  • 2011 was the start of a season that I would have never imagined. Coming out of a long term relationship, i engaged in a culture of artistic social gatherings, slowly crawling out of a shell that hid many talents and gifts I was blessed with.  I built many strong connections with whom I would be working with today, supporting one another in many ways.
  • 2012 was my real awakening, involving dismay, pain, frustration, (re)connection, fasting, appreciation, gratefulness, broken relationships, bonds built, fuller awareness, etc… It marked the beginning of a new life with different perspectives and a clearer mindset. It opened me up to tolerating, respecting and appreciating different religions, including participating in different rituals and practices from several belief systems that inevitably have expanded my growth.
  • 2013 is coming into bloom. This year is the year that my changes from 2012 will find their space to dwell in. A year of decision and action.

Like I stated in my previous post, I’ve been absent a lot more than I was last year. But I wont be gone for too long. I’m grateful for the connections I’ve made throughout the year, the wonderful souls that have blessed me with their knowledge, their accounts of experience, their art, their stories, their philosophies, etc. I’ve learned many things from all of you. Yes i’m referring to all of you who’ve inspired, motivated and supported me thus far through my blog and yours. I’m also very humbled to have been awarded many times for my blog throughout the year. I thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

Peace, blessings and love always ♥,

your Moon in full 🙂




Fellow bloggers, readers, friends and family,

I have neglected you. I miss my days of ranting and rambling, provoking thoughts and amateur photography. How I long to interact with you on a deeper cyber-galactic level, to share my experiences, thoughts, dreams and well, my art. I apologize for diluting my posts these past several months. I’ve replaced your pulp-filled natural juice glass with ordinary sugar water, but you deserve fresh linguistic concoctions of reflections with a healthy dose of inspiration and a dash of insanity. Life must take its course though, and as of late, the wind has blown me in different directions. I promise to not leave you permanently, to make up for the time I have been away in other ventures. But know that you hold a special place in the vast, warm ocean that is my heart.


The one and only Moon



TWO more Awards!

WOW, really? That’s pretty dope!

So, last Friday, Yoga with Maheshwari nominated me for the:

Reader Appreciation Award!

I began following her blog not too long ago. Her posts are so inspiring and bring comfort and peace to the mind, always providing substance for self-reflection!
Make sure to stop by her BLOG and prepare to meditate to her words! 🙂

Another one of my favorite bloggers, oh.she.cooks, nominated me tonight for the:

Beautiful Lipstick Award!

She say’s she’s “just a girl and her apron”. But I’m willing to bet that she’s an amazing cook! Her dishes are health conscious, vegan and oh-so-delicious-looking! I’m sure she wouldn’t mind if you stalked her BLOG, so go right ahead, click the link!

Well, with Ramadan nearing its end and other great things going on in my life (that I will share with you as soon as I’m able to), I haven’t had the time to dedicate much on here. It takes me a two days or three to contemplate writing something, even if short! So I wont be following standard rules for the award nominations this time around! But do check out my DOODLES page, I have added some new drawings!

I do, however, want to thank, not only these two fabulous women, but all of you for taking the time to read my humble little blog. I started this blog as an outlet, but I never imagined I’d have many readers who appreciate my thoughts, words, emotions and experiences. I’m truly honored and humbled to be part of this blogging community where I am able to learn about many different cultures, visit many places in the world by a click of a button, and read some incredible stories, both fiction and non.

I trust I will continue to be inspired by all you wonderful people who have become my brothers and sisters!

Peace and Love,

Moon ♥

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Two new PAGES

Over the weekend, I decided to create two new pages to my blog.

  • Doodles was made to show off my drawing skills, or the opposite rather. But I thought it would be a cool idea to show you guys my NOT so talented side, a side of me that I’ve always wanted to develop but chose other artistic mediums instead.

  • Watcha Listenin To? was created to add something fun to the mix! I’m a huge music fan and I love music from around the world. I wanna know what everyone is listening to. It’s more of an interactive page, and I truly hope you guys are ready to PLAY!!