i am

"Who could be so lucky? Who comes to a lake for water and sees the reflection of the moon." Rumi



He caressed my mind
Just as my heart began to open.
Like a thief jn the night
He cleverly awoke me with his declarations,
Snuck deep into dark wounds
Despite his limitations –
These lesions slowly dissipate into haze.
But with not a single gaze,
How’d he know to get in?

Penetrating my thoughts,
He’s become a pro at deciphering
The moods my soul swings to;
And as my heart he pursues,
He causes a fluttering that knows no harm.
Unarmed, I give in gradually
But hesitantly.
Should I? Should I not?
Why not?

Reasoning with a lack of reasons,
A case I’m unable to state
For the places I’ve been
Compare not to the places he’s seen
Through dreams which enchant a morrow
He knows will ensue pleasure and ease.
His love has instantly become immeasurable
As he unravels a knot that choked
Me for far too long with a memoir
That would otherwise have no end.

There’s a sunrise in his lingo
And a misty coolness that oozes
Its way into my core –
I wonder if this sensation
Will whistle past the graveyard.
Mmm, raindrops taste like sweet persimmons
Every time the thought of him lingers in my senses-
Delicate and subtle;
But I anticipate encountering in the physical
For it shall confirm what my visions
Have alluded to as I patiently wait.
Ah, to anticipate forever through a single soul.



My Nature

Reflecting in the nude with all inhibitions down and my aura fixed in transparency,

I come to terms with a being I just recently began seeking, though I’ve known for a lifetime.

I sit back and analyze every vibration that flows through my veins, from one extreme to the next.

Conscious of my inadequacies, I study my behavior like a baby learning he’s attached to his limbs.

My heart is open, my mind is free, and my soul is at peace.

I rest assuredly knowing that I am one with nature, a connection that can never be torn.

The oxygen I breathe is shared with the animals that roam the land,

The sun that feeds life into flowers and trees energizes my being,

The water that cleanses the stains of this earth consumes my body whole.

The skies promise the splendor of a day,

And with every passing cloud, there’s a resemblance of the changes I face,

Envisioning a truth different from the rest.

I know not yet where I’m going,

But I am positive that I head toward the right direction.



I see an ocean of bloodshed-

of souls who are no more

because they felt that wearing camouflage

and dying for a cause

was the only solution-

of souls who had no choice in choosing

to put their faith in something meaningful

because militant bullies already decided their fate.

tribal, civil and world wars;

it is inconceivable how we take every opportunity

to destroy the shores that welcome every culture.

we see nothing but the worse in each other,

yet we spend millions in an attempt to witness beauty

in all that lies outside, out there in space.

when the beauty we’ve been overlooking

resides inside each one of us;

and if we took the time to gently whisper

words of empowerment,

then we’d be the ones floating in Heavenly bliss

because we’d know the meaning of PEACE.


Rhythms of my heart

And at times the fragrance of your soul

Lingers around my skin.

Sinful for two connected spirits to divide;

But the shade of the night fingers the thought

Of galactic encounters in the violet hour.


As the universe becomes our playground,

Verses I once recited to you drown under heavenly skies.

My eyes cannot help but taste what my lips once felt.


Your memory resonates with the deepest

Desires of my heart.

And above the superficiality of society,

I will love you with flowing energy

Like the rivers that once bathed Christ.


I shiver your name in sweat

Through dreams that echo your essence –

Your presence lives in my womb

For you are the one I envisioned since birth.

A love for you that isn’t seen in the physical

Caresses your whole with spiritual longing.


Never forget me.

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Her Voice

“Hey you! How have you been?

I’m sorry I haven’t had a chance to speak with you lately, but I miss you.”

 She called me early this week. I haven’t seen her since May or June and we’ve only spoken twice on the phone since. Hearing her voice, a voice so familiar and heartwarming, sent a loving energy down all my extremities and through the base of my body.

Tears rolled down my cheeks as I expressed the same feelings. We’ve been friends since 1994 and after 2002, our physical connection has been minimal, but we found ways to connect through other means. There were times when we didn’t communicate for a whole year. But once she got a hold of me or vice-versa, it’s as if time was nonexistent and we began right where we left off.

Never an awkward moment between us. She embraces my differences as I do hers. I must admit that since my last visit in May or June I felt a noteworthy disconnection between the two. I was afraid that all these changes I’ve been going through this year with my awakening was going to create a shift in our friendship. I suddenly felt that 18 years of sisterhood were just going to remain part of a cherished memory; quite honestly, I was willing to accept that loss because of the peace I began attaining within myself that was beginning to allow me to view everyone as a passing cloud: some remain in position for a while; others flow rather quickly. And I thought perhaps it was time for us to move on.

That night when I heard her voice, all the wonderful reasons for which she’s my best friend immediately came to mind. I wanted to jump through the phone and give her a never-ending hug! I don’t know what the future holds for our friendship, but I love her with all my might, despite our suddenly different points of views. And I’m glad she called me this week, because the comfort she brought to me was needed. We always know the right time to reach out, even if only subconsciously.