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"Who could be so lucky? Who comes to a lake for water and sees the reflection of the moon." Rumi


Mi no doodle long time!

Feeling a bit down and with a cold in my system already in the works, I decided to doodle something cheerful. (I add a filter from my phone’s photo editor.)

Hope it makes you smile 🙂

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Life is nothing but a doodle?

The other day I came to a conclusion about my doodles and life, respectively.

I was making mention to my dear friend that I realized how I actually don’t like to doodle in pencil. Why, you may ask? Well, I figured that by drawing in pencil, I am more tempted to erase, undo or ‘regret’ any mistake I may have made. When I draw in pen or marker, then I am compelled to work around the mistake, accept it, change it to the best of my ability, and transform it for the better. When drawing in pencil, then my genuine intentions change. I then want to ‘perfect’ every line, every curve, every detail. And I won’t ever really be satisfied because there will always be a slight smudge that gets in the way.

And as I’m stating my stance on the tools that I prefer to use for drawing, something clicked in my head.

My brain began to compare life with a drawing. We cant undo or erase what we did yesterday. Regret? Perhaps, but who wants to walk around with pockets full of regrets? Nobody, really… but many people do however. In life, whatever choices we make become permanent. But It doesn’t mean that they define us since there are many ways of adjusting, repairing, transforming, etc.  The smudges I previously referred to, those are like obstacles. We cant avoid them. But we surely can overcome them, learn from them and become aware of them whenever they pop up.

What are you life analogies?


Peculiar Rendezvous

I remember you.

I remember that smile.

You winked at me the first time our eyes met;

You meant every compliment.

I remember your smell:

Sweet yet masculine.

Ooohh… it was intense.

Just like that rendezvous by the fountain

That splashed scents of lavender and jasmine as it eased our souls.

For one single night you opened up the door to your heart

Even when you knew you’d shut it from the start,

But you couldn’t resist me.

I inspired your desire for affectionate words;

Your appetite for gentleness came in thirds.

You craved to caress my whole

With the energy you discovered as you touched my lips.

Now all of a sudden my kiss has eclipsed

The memories of every woman you knew.

Artist: Edward Ancourt




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Two new PAGES

Over the weekend, I decided to create two new pages to my blog.

  • Doodles was made to show off my drawing skills, or the opposite rather. But I thought it would be a cool idea to show you guys my NOT so talented side, a side of me that I’ve always wanted to develop but chose other artistic mediums instead.

  • Watcha Listenin To? was created to add something fun to the mix! I’m a huge music fan and I love music from around the world. I wanna know what everyone is listening to. It’s more of an interactive page, and I truly hope you guys are ready to PLAY!!