i am

"Who could be so lucky? Who comes to a lake for water and sees the reflection of the moon." Rumi


So It Was

A couple calendars have passed, 

And I ask all that IS 

If more seasons will evolve before 

The hour of encounter. 

Stars trickle at midnight 

Through the farthest spaces between 

All that once seemed eternal.

Journaling dreams, voicing a future

And attempting to alter a destiny 

Has  become hopelessly useless.

What’s undone can be done not again

Finger prints wiped, 

Leaving behind only a smudge. 

I indulge in caramel-coated

Memoirs as my eyes gaze into

 A jammed hour glass

As time declines passing.

But so it was… ♠



Rhythms of my heart

And at times the fragrance of your soul

Lingers around my skin.

Sinful for two connected spirits to divide;

But the shade of the night fingers the thought

Of galactic encounters in the violet hour.


As the universe becomes our playground,

Verses I once recited to you drown under heavenly skies.

My eyes cannot help but taste what my lips once felt.


Your memory resonates with the deepest

Desires of my heart.

And above the superficiality of society,

I will love you with flowing energy

Like the rivers that once bathed Christ.


I shiver your name in sweat

Through dreams that echo your essence –

Your presence lives in my womb

For you are the one I envisioned since birth.

A love for you that isn’t seen in the physical

Caresses your whole with spiritual longing.


Never forget me.



Just like particular scents bring memories, some memories bring scents, atmospheric sensations and smiles.

Courtesy of eOne Films.

On my drive to work I was listening to a few rare Bob Marley recordings that brought wonderful memories of last year. I smiled throughout my drive. I could feel the breeze of those days at the park and nights at the beach where I had the pleasure of listening to these songs in great company. For a moment I felt the whiff of autumn and the early stages of South Florida winter. I smelled an aroma that filled my heart and had glimpses of fond moments that soothed my soul.

Courtesy of Jayforce

I’ve come to understand that we shouldn’t live in the past. And this is not the case. Eryka Badu said in a song, “Remembering is good if you don’t let it be the fear of you.” And I totally agree. If these memories bring me joy for just an instance, I will embrace them for that moment. And what a wonderful way to head to work!

I hope you all have a blessed day and/or night! ♥