i am

"Who could be so lucky? Who comes to a lake for water and sees the reflection of the moon." Rumi


My Nature

Reflecting in the nude with all inhibitions down and my aura fixed in transparency,

I come to terms with a being I just recently began seeking, though I’ve known for a lifetime.

I sit back and analyze every vibration that flows through my veins, from one extreme to the next.

Conscious of my inadequacies, I study my behavior like a baby learning he’s attached to his limbs.

My heart is open, my mind is free, and my soul is at peace.

I rest assuredly knowing that I am one with nature, a connection that can never be torn.

The oxygen I breathe is shared with the animals that roam the land,

The sun that feeds life into flowers and trees energizes my being,

The water that cleanses the stains of this earth consumes my body whole.

The skies promise the splendor of a day,

And with every passing cloud, there’s a resemblance of the changes I face,

Envisioning a truth different from the rest.

I know not yet where I’m going,

But I am positive that I head toward the right direction.


The World is Ours

Rapper Nasir Jones, a.k.a. Nas, told me that the world is mine.

Today I decided to take a walk down the street to drop an envelope in the mail box instead of going to the building’s own drop box. As I’m crossing the street, a sense of ownership entered my body. Surprisingly, no cars were in sight, (I work in a busy business/commercial area). I crossed the street at my own pace, care-free. I literally felt like the world was mine, the trees, the grass, the ground I walked on, even the sun and sky. I felt renewed.

I never realized how empowering it feels to walk. I even observed my leg muscles functioning, enjoyed the wind brushing face and playing with my curls and felt energized by just 3 minutes out in the sun!

We live in a beautiful place, but we’ve chosen to slowly destroy it. How inconsiderate are we for trashing a world we share with others? Could I go into someone’s home and liter and pollute it? I can’t.

Roommates and families set rules in order to keep their homes clean and livable. From young, our parents teach us to tidy our rooms and pick up after ourselves, or so I assume. I feel the same should be applied for The Earth. It really isn’t hard!

The title of my post put me in the mood for this song! For all you hip-hop heads, this is for you!


The Undeniable Sensations of My (Home)

I feel the breath of my mother

As I swagger about.

She whispers through my skin

And dances in my veins,

Absorbs my tears to replenish the greens-

Nothing shall waste.

She surrounds my existence

And offers me light.

Day and night

I lay on her bosom,

Drink of her stream,

And feed off her harvest.

She listens.

She speaks.

She smiles.

Earth, mother how I adore you

Please forgive me for I will fail you no more.

Photo setting: Ft. Lauderdale