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"Who could be so lucky? Who comes to a lake for water and sees the reflection of the moon." Rumi


Let’s Be Fit (music & poetry?)

Well, here is something a friend of mine experimented with back in late 2011. I finally have it on Sound Cloud, and well, I finally have a Sound Cloud account, which I plan to use often (as soon as I get some recording done)

It is one of my favorite pieces, Let’s Be Fit mixed in with music.

Just click the link and hope you guys enjoy!



I want this in my home!

“There is Nothing to Fear My Love… My Love…”

I performed a few weeks ago at the Little Haiti Cultural Center close to the Design District in Miami, FL.

This piano caught my (eye) and got an urge to play it. But I guess that would’ve been ‘trespassing’? I still would’ve gone for it had I not been rushed to leave the premises after they closed.

New Image


On black friday…

instead of joining the frenzy at the stores, my cousin and I decided to go watch our favorite local band, Visions Band, for a bit of distraction from the craziness our family is going through right now.

Visions Band usually perform down in South Beach. So on our way down, instead of jumping on the highway to reach our destination faster, my cousin suggested taking the scenic route. We traveled on A1A (paralleled to the Atlantic Ocean) for about 25-30 miles.

Traffic was pleasant. We were feeling ‘irie’ a.k.a. extra nice. Bob Marley music was blasting through the speakers. Windows down, enjoying the cool breeze of beautiful South Florida weather. I caught a few pictures along the way.

Then I have a special treat from our favorite band! 🙂


Here is one of my dearest and most talented of friends, Roy Robinson with Visions Band, performing a cover of Bob Marley’s Could You Be Loved. This video, by no means, does any justice to this man’s gift, rather it serves as a glimpse of what he is truly capable of. He is limitless!

Don’t be afraid to get outa your chair and dance! 😉


Marc Anthony – Nadie Como Ella (LIVE)

I heard this song this morning and now it’s got me in a Salsa mood! I love my Latin music. The rhythm is so undeniable. It’s hard to keep completely still once the music starts.

I remember this being one of my favorite songs when I was younger. Marc Anthony doesn’t make music like he used to, at least in my opinion.

This video is so worth watching. Somewhere in the middle he introduces a legend, “The King of timbales” (El Rey de los timbales), Tito Puentes as he does what he does best: owns the stage as he passionately beats on the timbales (a type of drum created in Cuba).




Just like particular scents bring memories, some memories bring scents, atmospheric sensations and smiles.

Courtesy of eOne Films.

On my drive to work I was listening to a few rare Bob Marley recordings that brought wonderful memories of last year. I smiled throughout my drive. I could feel the breeze of those days at the park and nights at the beach where I had the pleasure of listening to these songs in great company. For a moment I felt the whiff of autumn and the early stages of South Florida winter. I smelled an aroma that filled my heart and had glimpses of fond moments that soothed my soul.

Courtesy of Jayforce

I’ve come to understand that we shouldn’t live in the past. And this is not the case. Eryka Badu said in a song, “Remembering is good if you don’t let it be the fear of you.” And I totally agree. If these memories bring me joy for just an instance, I will embrace them for that moment. And what a wonderful way to head to work!

I hope you all have a blessed day and/or night! ♥