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"Who could be so lucky? Who comes to a lake for water and sees the reflection of the moon." Rumi


LAST POST – Video [Reflection & Poem]


P.S. I didn’t mean to ramble…
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My First Video

Well, here it is.

I am super excited. I shall warn you all in advance, though, that I was super shy to even record this video by myself. But this will be the first of many more to come, so I will have time to get comfortable with the camera and express myself thoroughly as I do in writing.

Ahhh!! This is crazy, I almost don’t want to show it because I feel extremely shy, but on that note…

Drum roll please!


Hey, Robot… feel THIS!

A few days ago, two friends and I met a man, whom we’ll call VF for Victor Frankenstein, who seems to have become obsessed with the idea of robots becoming more and more like humans. He showed us of the newest robot invention, in which he has invested, and praised it for its ability to evoke ‘emotion’. The robot is programmed to think like a human. VF was pushing his claim about the humanistic technology by stating that one day it will be taking care of our parents when they reach old age since, according to him, we humans don’t care enough about each other to do it. And that’s the reason he invested in this ‘human’ of the future. He has little faith in humanity and would rather deposit it, along with his money (or credit/loan), in something that ultimately is made by man. Ironic.

My friends and I had a different take on the subject. To what seemed to him as a negative outlook on technology, he went on a tangent about the need to see it as something positive and begins to number the very few advantages of embracing it. Now, to be clear, my outlook on technology is by no means a negative one, rather a more consciously critical perspective whilst acknowledging those very few qualities.

And as VF so fervidly tries to convince us that robots are the future of humanity and how we should eagerly embrace it, he fails to accept the fact that if he took that same passion and applied it to his views about humankind, he’d then realize that this initial obsession over technology is one of the main factors why society has become so desensitized. He said these robots would one day learn to love, perhaps even better than we ever could. Ha! We actually found this amusing.

My friends, let’s not forget that even though our fleshly bodies will eventually decay, our spirit bodies live on for an eternity. Our souls will wonder in galactic bliss time after time. Love can NEVER be replaced. Never. Our hearts are made of energy, our nervous system and hormones work magically together to provide the serotonin and endorphin, for example, that only human touch and other humanly functions can offer, and most importantly, our souls that reside in our physical know and feel the connection between all that is encompassed through The Divine.

Sure there are a plethora of things wrong in the world, but they won’t fix with attacks and negative energy. Ego destroys, compassion builds, and love will always remain. Let’s stay in love with one another despite turmoil.

Nina Simone addresses the audience so cleverly. But as the robots that people have become, they remained clueless as to the meaning and feelings that Nina was indirectly expressing. Please enjoy this fascinating and passionate performance.


World Peace Day forever?

Today is International Day of Peace, also known as World Peace Day.

What does it really mean? I read that on this day, there’s a mutual ceasefire around the globe to commemorate and strengthen the ideals of peace… is that right? So would I be right in assuming that the world is aware that war is not the answer in order to bring world peace? I’m puzzled because war is exactly what we do. War, hostility, power and greed drive our countries.  So in essence, on this day only, let’s bring all that negativity to a halt, but not to worry because we will continue it all tomorrow.

How’s that sound to you?

It’s hard to think positively about something that smells like hog manure to me. Created in an attempt to remind our people to live peacefully amongst one another, it’s just an ordinary day with a title on it and temporary activities in recognition of those who’ve fought to bring world peace. But what happens after today? War continues, those in higher positions fight for more power, people’s rights are still being threatened, the rich keep getting richer and poor remain the same, etc etc…

I found out about Global Truce 2012, “a grassroots initiative and international coalition with non-governmental organisations and student unions in every continent, which will increase participation and action on Peace Day 2012, the day of Global Truce.” But after skimming through their website, it seems like another World Peace DAY organization.

I’m not against bringing people together for a high conscientious cause, but I am against fluff and meaningless titles and imaginary causes.


Can we say it’s World Peace Day EVERYDAY?!

We should.

How about pledging to nonviolence and peace on a daily basis?

How about finding ways and empowering our people to:

Reduce hostility,

Increase overstanding,

Spread love,

Regenerate passion,

Encourage creativity,

Support one another?

The time is now. Not because it’s World Peace Day, but because yesterday is no more. Let’s start now. Let every day be International Day of Peace!


In lavender essence…

He tasted like a summer night

Under a bright moon,

Sublime in nature;

An overflow of thoughts

Rippled to the perimeter of his mind.

Bloodshot – his eyes heard all

That mine could not see.

Symbolism expanded in my space

As it dwelled in his.

Shapes and objects in our cocoon

Filled with colors and textures –

Painted Ladies Mating
Photo Credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/30006641@N02/

It soon became apparent that

Our realities were measured

By the intensity with which

Our convictions were expressed.

He’s shifted; I’m immune.

In his trajectory I find solitude.

He yearns for me; I give my all.

Still, alone I walk.

But it’s perfect in its existence.

With the stillness of our hearts

We succumb, but only momentarily.

From passion we’ve come this far,

Ever so enthralled with love.