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"Who could be so lucky? Who comes to a lake for water and sees the reflection of the moon." Rumi


Let’s Be Fit (Pt.1)

This is the first half of one of my signature spoken word pieces.
I will post a video of me performing this in Jamaica when I finally access it.
Diluting the way we live life,
Technology over powers our substantial beliefs:
Social feeds have transformed our egos;
Social needs are being ignored;
Self-absorbed; we care only for our selves.
Are we not our brother’s keeper?
Information flows through the internet
As situations take place,
And as we enter it, we watch in amazement.
And with a click of a button we go back to our lives,
Oblivious of what we witness,
Ignorant of why we should care,
With the audacity to say, “f*ck my life”,
We watch others in despair.
The East is raging in war.
The West is overflowing.
Our countries are slowly dying
While our leaders are ever growing.
And its mind blowing
How we live in these bubbles,
Pretending to know what we don’t-
To care for what we could care less for.
This ain’t no utopian world.
There’s no perfection in our social-political system.
There is no world peace.
We don’t live in “ideal socialism”.
There’s no such thing as inter-religious relationships.
Death and suffering is part of our existence.
But even though this is true,
Still I ask…
Why must we look the other way?
Why must we disregard the pain of others,
The struggle of many,
And the attempt at survival for some?
Let’s not get reeled into selfishness.
Bring back that substance that once existed in our hearts –
That truth we longed for.
Let our prayers be not of our wants and needs
But for our neighbors.
Let’s pray for that world peace.
We need to open our eyes,
Engage in society,
Protect our environment,
Live with integrity.
Physically, mentally, spiritually
Let’s Be Fit


The Prophet

Excerpt and illustration by Kahlil Gibran in his masterpiece, The Prophet.

“And ever has it been that love knows not its own depth until the hour of separation.”



A Voice

Ahead lies a road,

A long one.

The sides are filled with trees

Whose leaves hover over

My walking silhouette.

Flowers that once blossomed

In the springtime

Are now dormant.

I see shadows about-

Red stains across some;

Whispers coming from others.

Dead bodies of water-

They resemble tears that once

Tasted of joy and sorrow.

The rain falls.

My feet are weary; I drag them.

Blisters on my toes.

My legs- sprinkled with mud

My pack burdens my back and shoulders;

But I walk,

Looking to encounter a new season.

The world’s turned cold,

Dark and barbaric.

I’ve been set up.

I was told lies growing up.

I was told we are all equal.

But the shadows that

Lay beside every step I take

Tell a different story.

Some morbid; some melancholic.

Others have no voices-

Perhaps they never did.

Still walking,

I realize that I have a voice.

And just like a lotus blossoms

Out of muck

I, too, will rise.

And speak for fallen souls.

And every time I’m surrounded by mud

I know it will wash right off.

My voice will resonate,

And my frequency shall vibrate

From shore to shore, across all seas.








Photo Credit: My Opera



As I read through the blogs I follow,

Source: Library of Congress Diaries and Notebooks

I am humbled  to know you follow me back. Why? Honestly, it’s because I respect you all as writers and admire your talents. The beauty of your prose, the sophistication of your thoughts, the wit with which you write, the colorful descriptions and clever use of vocabulary, it all makes me wonder what it is about MY blog that impels you to follow.

Truly, what could it be? I started writing at the age of eleven, and I’ve always been fascinated by grammar and syntax and all that ‘nerdy’ stuff, but I’ve never taken any creative writing courses, and I usually never finish reading a book (albeit I have), no matter how intriguing and thought provoking it may be. (I am making an effort to change that though). And most of my poetry tends to sound the same, i think..

Basically, I think I’m a simple, inexperienced writer. But for whatever reason  you choose to follow me I genuinely thank you. It makes me smile. 🙂

Love and light,