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"Who could be so lucky? Who comes to a lake for water and sees the reflection of the moon." Rumi


TWO more Awards!

WOW, really? That’s pretty dope!

So, last Friday, Yoga with Maheshwari nominated me for the:

Reader Appreciation Award!

I began following her blog not too long ago. Her posts are so inspiring and bring comfort and peace to the mind, always providing substance for self-reflection!
Make sure to stop by her BLOG and prepare to meditate to her words! đŸ™‚

Another one of my favorite bloggers, oh.she.cooks, nominated me tonight for the:

Beautiful Lipstick Award!

She say’s she’s “just a girl and her apron”. But I’m willing to bet that she’s an amazing cook! Her dishes are health conscious, vegan and oh-so-delicious-looking! I’m sure she wouldn’t mind if you stalked her BLOG, so go right ahead, click the link!

Well, with Ramadan nearing its end and other great things going on in my life (that I will share with you as soon as I’m able to), I haven’t had the time to dedicate much on here. It takes me a two days or three to contemplate writing something, even if short! So I wont be following standard rules for the award nominations this time around! But do check out my DOODLES page, I have added some new drawings!

I do, however, want to thank, not only these two fabulous women, but all of you for taking the time to read my humble little blog. I started this blog as an outlet, but I never imagined I’d have many readers who appreciate my thoughts, words, emotions and experiences. I’m truly honored and humbled to be part of this blogging community where I am able to learn about many different cultures, visit many places in the world by a click of a button, and read some incredible stories, both fiction and non.

I trust I will continue to be inspired by all you wonderful people who have become my brothers and sisters!

Peace and Love,

Moon ♥