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"Who could be so lucky? Who comes to a lake for water and sees the reflection of the moon." Rumi


Let’s Be Fit (music & poetry?)

Well, here is something a friend of mine experimented with back in late 2011. I finally have it on Sound Cloud, and well, I finally have a Sound Cloud account, which I plan to use often (as soon as I get some recording done)

It is one of my favorite pieces, Let’s Be Fit mixed in with music.

Just click the link and hope you guys enjoy!


Big Mama

“Big Mama has three sons of her own, Christopher, Brennan, and Sam. The Reed family experienced hard times of its own after being abandoned by the boys’ father when Christopher was only one month old. “We lived in a fish market for a while,” says Sam, “so we know what it’s like to have no home.” Brennan added, “Our experience made us realize how important it is to help others in need.” All three of Big Mama’s sons help out in many ways, from directing the Boys’ Step Team and running errands to driving neighborhood kids to school each day.” [Team of Life]

Last year, I had the pleasure of honoring Big Mama with a poem during the tenth anniversary Christmas toy drive and fundraiser for her nonprofit organization, Team of Life. Their mission is to simply give back. They do this by becoming involved in the lives of youth in the community. Many have no stable homes, some have been school drop-outs, others seek for parental guidance / role models, etc… they also provide transportation when needed. They mentor and donate school supplies, clothing articles, food, toys and provide shelter for those who need it.

This year, The International Holistic Center, whose partnered with Team of Live since last year, has asked me to recite my poem once again for Big Mama, tonight! I am delighted to be part of this event once again.

Here is a photo taken from last year’s event which was printed in The Sun Sentinel Newspaper. I am the one in pink, on the bottom of the page.


And the poem as follows…

Like the might and size of an eagle

As it soars through the Heavens,

So is your heart as is spreads abundantly

To become an extension of our future.

Dismantled yet shaken you were not.

Your passion to battle misfortune and betrayal 

Kept the sun shining through your overcast days.

Your brave soul and will to survive made you stronger,

And here you are:  a mighty woman.

You carry the titles of

Mother, father, mentor

Activist, leader – an angel even.

You. Are. Powerful.

Because you saw the forest for the trees.

See, you possess a green thumb

In this garden of life where our children

Run wild and resources are scarce.

But you aspired to inspire our youth

Through your blood, sweat and prayers.

Only truth has transpired from your work.

Only good has been reaped

From every seed that you’ve sowed.

Only pure growth can come about

From someone who devotes as much time,

Effort and love at the drop of a dime,

Such as you.

You. Are. Love.

Because you’ve whistled past the graveyard.

Like a minstrel in the spotlight,

You are a blessing to life.

How can one conceive the immensity

That is your heart?

You’ve made yourself readily available

To kids whom others have overlooked.

You’ve tended to their necessities;

And despite being misunderstood,

You’ve shown compassion through your interaction.

Adversity was of no hindrance to the faith you gave.

Big Mama, through prayer your strength transcends.

Your community outreach rises above preaching

For you’ve centered your teachings on the quality of life –

On dreaming in grand scales and seeking truth.

You’ve introduced meaning to the existence of our youth.

Fortunate are those to be part of you.

Thank you for being Big Mama,

Thank you for being Team of Life!


Let’s Be Fit (Pt.1)

This is the first half of one of my signature spoken word pieces.
I will post a video of me performing this in Jamaica when I finally access it.
Diluting the way we live life,
Technology over powers our substantial beliefs:
Social feeds have transformed our egos;
Social needs are being ignored;
Self-absorbed; we care only for our selves.
Are we not our brother’s keeper?
Information flows through the internet
As situations take place,
And as we enter it, we watch in amazement.
And with a click of a button we go back to our lives,
Oblivious of what we witness,
Ignorant of why we should care,
With the audacity to say, “f*ck my life”,
We watch others in despair.
The East is raging in war.
The West is overflowing.
Our countries are slowly dying
While our leaders are ever growing.
And its mind blowing
How we live in these bubbles,
Pretending to know what we don’t-
To care for what we could care less for.
This ain’t no utopian world.
There’s no perfection in our social-political system.
There is no world peace.
We don’t live in “ideal socialism”.
There’s no such thing as inter-religious relationships.
Death and suffering is part of our existence.
But even though this is true,
Still I ask…
Why must we look the other way?
Why must we disregard the pain of others,
The struggle of many,
And the attempt at survival for some?
Let’s not get reeled into selfishness.
Bring back that substance that once existed in our hearts –
That truth we longed for.
Let our prayers be not of our wants and needs
But for our neighbors.
Let’s pray for that world peace.
We need to open our eyes,
Engage in society,
Protect our environment,
Live with integrity.
Physically, mentally, spiritually
Let’s Be Fit


My First Video

Well, here it is.

I am super excited. I shall warn you all in advance, though, that I was super shy to even record this video by myself. But this will be the first of many more to come, so I will have time to get comfortable with the camera and express myself thoroughly as I do in writing.

Ahhh!! This is crazy, I almost don’t want to show it because I feel extremely shy, but on that note…

Drum roll please!


Jamaica Trip Sept 2012 #1

My trip started very early on Friday morning. Unfortunately, I have no photos to show for Friday at all. But my lovely friend Danny took pictures for me for the next two days.

The 100 Thousand Poets & Musicians for Change Event was held Saturday, Sept 15. The theme was “Tell the Children the Truth”. The show was running a few hours behind. After last minute changes, I opened up the show with two pieces. (Not to worry, I have my performances captured in video and shall post at a later time.)

Damali Adele Ife
The mastermind behind the whole event.

Andre, a friend who lived in Miami several years ago.

Coming all the way from Italy

I met her earlier in the year in Miami during an event

Jack of all trades,
No one was prepared to hear what he had to say.
He blew us all away with his instruments and poetry

She ended the poetry session with power!

After the show, we all cleaned up, picked up and ate rice and peas, coleslaw, and porridge and then washed it down with coconut water

Later we headed over to Beverhills to pick up a friend. We spent some time there and decided to do a spontaneous mini photo-shoot. Twas fun!

My camera man and dear friend, Danny.

We went around the back to get another view.

Orlando teaching us about raw Ackee (a fruit)

Usain Bolt stance, (Moon version)
I had to be careful of keeping my balance…
it’s a loooong way down!

Orlando demonstrating a raw burger.

Now it was time to go home. We headed to Jacks Hill.

Sun was setting

The Violet Hour.

Up on the roof!

At night, Danny and I headed to his house so I can meet his sister and mom. His dogs sure loved me, one of them was jumping all over me as i’m walking to the front door. Later, we had dinner and hung out. After dinner, Danny took me up high in the mountain to have a quiet time. As we’re driving up, i can feel my ears popping. It was an amazing and a great end to a hectic day.

Never been so high before! Twas a breath of fresh air.

Sunday morning, Damali and I slept in, had breakfast and hung out on the trampoline in her aunt’s backyard. We then decided to go to the beach before heading to the airport. We killed a lot of time on that trampoline! It started thundering and raining. We decided to go anyway.

My legs got massacred by mosquitoes throughout the whole trip!

Not the perfect beach weather

Beautiul red beaked bird hovering over us.

To the left there was a fishing boat coming in with a catch

It was soon time to run back to change, get my bags and rush to the airport!

Departing Jamaica!

I wish I had more scenic photos to show but it was a very short trip, and the first half consisted of running many errands for the event on Saturday.

Nonetheless, I had an amazing time with wonderful friends.

*Stay tuned. I will post few pics I took with my phone. And I will also post video of me performing.