i am

"Who could be so lucky? Who comes to a lake for water and sees the reflection of the moon." Rumi


Fellow bloggers, readers, friends and family,

I have neglected you. I miss my days of ranting and rambling, provoking thoughts and amateur photography. How I long to interact with you on a deeper cyber-galactic level, to share my experiences, thoughts, dreams and well, my art. I apologize for diluting my posts these past several months. I’ve replaced your pulp-filled natural juice glass with ordinary sugar water, but you deserve fresh linguistic concoctions of reflections with a healthy dose of inspiration and a dash of insanity. Life must take its course though, and as of late, the wind has blown me in different directions. I promise to not leave you permanently, to make up for the time I have been away in other ventures. But know that you hold a special place in the vast, warm ocean that is my heart.


The one and only Moon



Wake Up!

People choose not to see the real solutions to every problem. The answers lie within ourselves. Sometimes others can facilitate this process for us. But until we each open our eyes and realize what we’re doing wrong and truly commit to eradicating those problems, nothing will ever change.


♥ Moon


Untitled flow

As the sun sets and gently absorbs

Every burden laced with anger,

The tide comes in to replenish the spirit.

The evening breeze, the violet hour and the quiet birds

That sleep within the leaves of trees

Bring comfort to a tired soul.

Eternal waves of bliss

Moisten the lips of every heart;

And with a peaceful mind

Humanity shall transcend


In my space

This path here, yea it gets lonely.

But I sit almost patiently as

The Atlantic wind slowly makes its way,

Brushing away any melancholy.

An ant tribe diligently moves across

To the other side of the trail.

Creepy crawlers navigate through terrain,

Hiding under leaves as foreign disturbance approaches.

They’re just foots steps –

Steps of those who come and go.

Mud begins to form as

The Heavens cleanse the Earth.

And I’m still here,

Pensive but serene –

Very pensive…


Rambling I am

So, I’m thinking of changing the concept of my blog. I mean, what was it to begin with? Who knows?! I only know that I’m just a single gal in seek of truth while I enjoy my freedom. I love myself more than I ever have, and I thought perhaps I should let the whole world know.

Originally, I began my blog in hopes of chronicling my path, that in some way or another, it would remind me of the obstacles, influences and other factors that have contributed to my growth. But I realize that I am not being fair. Simply because I am NOT recording my experiences like I said I would. I asked myself why not, and I came to the conclusion that doing so would entail disclosure of my private life; it would require that I post transparently about my journey. And although it may help some solemn individual somewhere out there in our world who also seeks for something more meaningful out of life than factory-like routines, do I really want to be that person who sacrifices privacy for the sake of inspiring others?

I don’t know. One, because I’m lazy. And two, because I actually have friends and fam who read this site. And it’s not that I’m hiding anything from them, but the anonymous-type blog that I formerly intended to create is no longer anonymous. And I’m fine with that. But I instinctively refrain from carrying out the original idea for this blog.

Perhaps the only thing I have complied with is posting some of my poetry, and displaying my amateur photography, or posting music that moves me. But was that not, in part, the purpose of my blog?

Regardless, I don’t even know why I am posting about this. Nobody even wondered whether or not I was abiding by my intentions.

There will be times when I openly speak on current personal experiences, other times those matters will be illustrated through different art forms, and sometimes I will just post randomness.

Do I even need to give explanations? I think not.
Maybe this was actually a “current personal thought”, so maybe I am complying! 😉

Here is a photograph for the sake of posting. It will also give you a random insight in the life of Moon.

*Disclaimer* The picture is of poor quality. It was taken at a cafe in Midtown, Miami FL.

1. My favorite animal is the elephant.

2. I recently had a dream that I was a white lotus flower. (The elephant seems to be watering it)

3. I am a borderline vegetarian. I guess that makes me a flexitarian.

3. The color of the wall where these cute drawings were made is purple. Some hints of lavender. Lavender is my favortie essential oil and the color of Amethyst, which I resonate with very much.


Let us…

Photo credit: Fady Habib

Let us find that desire for understanding that we once possessed as children.

Let us not be motivated by greed but by a willingness to find health and happiness as we coexist.

Let us be filled with genuine intention, pure in nature.

Let us find meaning in the simplicity of our lives, and reason for the existence of one another.

Let us allow nature to once again become an extension of ourselves so we can remain grounded and find peace in the hardest of times.

Let us invigorate our bodies with exercise and skin to skin contact; let us nurture it with natural foods from the Earth in order to live abundantly.

Let us seek truth within ourselves and in our surroundings.

Let us not be afraid to reach out to one another in hopes of providing comfort, support and healing.

Let us feel free to spread knowledge amongst one another in order to awaken dormant minds.

Let us feel free to express consciousness, acceptance and most importantly LOVE toward one another.

Let us elevate one another as we are all extensions of a Higher Being.

Let us unite as one race.

Let us be wise; let us be peace; let us be LOVE.