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"Who could be so lucky? Who comes to a lake for water and sees the reflection of the moon." Rumi

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Jamaica Trip Sept 2012 #2

These photos were taken with my BlackBerry. The only pictures I took with it.

Here, I had just arrived from Miami into Kingston.

As I stepped outside, I couldn’t believe the mountains in the background!

This is the trampoline Damali and I sat one for quite some time on Sunday morning.

I must confess… this was the first time I actually enjoyed coconut water.

I have a new found love for it!

The famous Bob Marley Museum.  The purpose of going was to pass out flyers for the event on Saturday.

I was hoping to have a chance to actually visit it.

The weather that weekend was either extremely hot or overcast with thunder.

We did a lot of driving!

To the left you’ll notice my favorite tree: Royal Poinciana

Saturday morning before starting my busy day, I had breakfast out in the balcony.

The view from Beverly Hills

The famous Jamaican fruit, Ackee before it’s ready to eat.

Cool looking plant.

Plane about to depart. It’s violet hour.

In the air, pink haze. Beautiful!

I can feel the fresh air just by looking down at the mountains.