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"Who could be so lucky? Who comes to a lake for water and sees the reflection of the moon." Rumi


Zucchini Juice

Last week I decided to try out a few juice recipe’s from Josslyn’s post Reboot My Life since mother’s been insisting she wants to become healthier and needs a cleanse.

So here is the zucchini juice recipe:

  • 2 Lg zucchini
  • 2 apples
  • 1 C spinach
  • 1 lime
  • 2 cup parsley

I must say that we didn’t follow the instructions to the T. We only used the ingredients with different amounts of each.

We started off with 3 zucchini.

Peeled 2 limes.

A lot of parsley.

Added a piece of ginger. (I like adding ginger to everything)

Some spinach.

And after juicing, my mom didn’t like the taste much. So we added a green pear. (she has yet to get used to greens)

And grapes for a bit more sweetness.

… and voilà – fresh, green juice!

Then we poured in mason jars.

And this was left over. Green Wine. Ha! 🙂

So… when will YOU get started?



Untitled flow

As the sun sets and gently absorbs

Every burden laced with anger,

The tide comes in to replenish the spirit.

The evening breeze, the violet hour and the quiet birds

That sleep within the leaves of trees

Bring comfort to a tired soul.

Eternal waves of bliss

Moisten the lips of every heart;

And with a peaceful mind

Humanity shall transcend


She walked…

on water. Ha, I’m kidding.

On a serious note though, my aunt was recently diagnosed with cancer. Stage 4. I went to see her last night. I have been doing research on Reiki for cancer patients prior to visiting her. To be honest, I just expected to ease her mind, help her relax and sleep.

She was in bed. Her right ankle is  swollen and in pain. Her left knee is suffering from arthritis pain as well. She cannot put pressure on her ankle, nor on her knee. So she’s been rolling on her desk chair around the house because she can’t walk. I wasn’t sure how to bring Reiki up in conversation. My aunt had never heard of it. I’m fluent in Spanish, but I’m not familiar with spiritual or energy healing terminology, so I tried the best I could to explain to her exactly what it is. I was afraid she wouldn’t be open to receiving energy healing, but to my delightful surprise, she agreed to do it.  I made sure to spend a good chunk of time on each section.

After the session was over, her reaction to this new, never-heard-of experience was overwhelming. I will not go into details about our conversation, but I can say that she felt less pain and was very much at peace. And hear this, my aunt walked. She couldn’t believe it. My cousins were astonished as well.

My aunt walked. 

My hands, of course channeling the energy of all that Is, helped heal her pain. My little hands. And although my intention is not to feel self-gratification but to provide as much healing as possible to the next person, it feels amazing to know that with pure love and energy I can comfort someone in need.




Most of you are not aware, but I started fasting last Friday, 7-20-2012, for the month of Ramadan. What can I say? It is better than I expected and not as hard as I assumed

I have never fasted. So I guess that makes me a fast-virgin. haha! Is that inappropriate? Anyhow, my intentions were to complete three to five days of fasting, even though Ramadan’s done for a month. But after the first three days went by, I knew I had to keep going. I wasn’t going to limit myself. I’m not Muslim, but I really want/need to experience this. I went to a Mosque for the first time that Friday to break fast with my soul brothers. One of my closest ones told me I had to wear a head scarf. (I won’t deny that I felt inclined to reject the idea of attending because I felt like I shouldn’t have to.) But I put my pride and ignorance aside and agreed. I must say I look rather charming in a hijab! 🙂

How do they wrap these things nicely and make it stay?

At that Mosque, the food was DELICIOUS. The first night we had brown rice, roti and some sweet mango thing, salad, and some kind of meat. I didn’t eat the meat, although it looked quite appetizing. The second night there was a curry rice with veggies, noodles with veggies, salad and chicken. Again, I didn’t have the chicken.

My overall diet after breaking fast has consisted of natural veggie and fruit juices, cereal with nuts and fruits and hemp powder with almond milk, grilled veggie pizza, freshly ground peanut butter and raspberry jam sandwiches on french mini baguettes or multi-grain ciabatta rolls, wheat crackers and tomato basil hummus, fruits and salads. Oh, and of course WATER and tea!

Made my salads and juices from here

One of the breads

They grounded the butter in front of me.. that’s what i call FRESH

Granola & fruit cereal. Ants proof!

I trust you WON’T report me

The other one was grilled

Just a small fraction of my tea collection

So, back to the title of my post. I have been constantly flowing with energy since I began Ramadan. And I know we are made of energy, so of course its only natural. But I mean, I am very well aware of it. I feel it in my veins, through my chest, under my skin. It’s such a great, satisfying and healing feeling. I’d say it’s indescribable, but AMAZING! I feel refreshed, light, happy, ecstatic, lively, more positive… I could go on.

I wondered, what has been sustaining me during the fifteen hours of absolutely no consumption, and I only have one answer: GOD. I pray and meditate every chance I get. I’ve disconnected from every social site (except you guys), I have not watched TV, listened to music, socialized (unless I’m at the Mosque or other healing group gathering (Reiki circles, for example), nor have I felt the need for these things.

I feel stupendous, fantastically amazing and overall filled with peace.

So, last night I decided to treat myself because I am truly proud at how much I am achieving and how disciplined I have been. I don’t have a sweet tooth, but every now and then I crave for a scrumptious delicacy of some sort. This is the Ultimate Pecan Cinnamon Roll from The Fresh Market, about 18 miles from home.

the photo does it NO justice

But I only had this much!

I shared the rest

Overall, I feel like I have more clarity, more energy, more joy and peace. I will definitely be doing this every year. It’s been the best decision I’ve made in 2012 so far. I truly and wholeheartedly recommend this to any and every one, religious or not, spiritual or not.
Ain’t it ironic how in a post about fasting there seems to be so much food? I do get thirsty, but honestly, I have not been starving. I truly feel great, and God alone has been sustaining me.