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"Who could be so lucky? Who comes to a lake for water and sees the reflection of the moon." Rumi

Watcha Listenin To?

I’d love to know what you are listening to right now, right this moment.

Leave a message with the title and artist, perhaps a link to it. You can even tell me how this song relates to you, or maybe its just playing on the radio or random playlist.


“NUMBNESS: A symptom of musical deficiency.” – Moon

26 thoughts on “Watcha Listenin To?

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  2. I liked the idea…
    Game for it…:)

  3. I’ll play! Proud Mary by Tina Turner randomly on shuffle. It always makes me want to get up and dance. When not at work, I always do.

  4. “Fixin'” by Walk the Moon

  5. Rael Da Rima – O Resto Eu Vejo Depois

  6. Try ”So Long, Goodbye’ from Sum41. What a farewell song.

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  8. Silence…. today’s blog is related to the music in our soul…coincidence…doubtful…there are no coincidences, only God incidents.
    I’m high on life and enjoy marching to the beat of my soul and dancing to the intuitive feelings that the Uni-verse (One-Song) plays for me.

  9. Magna Canta – Kyrie

  10. Youth Lagoon and Ali Akbar Khanxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    • Hmmm… looking on online and cannot find much on Youth Lagoon and nothing on Ali Akbar… do you have a link?

      I’m listening to “Think of One” – Thelonious Monk

  11. Hi there…I listen to my own radio πŸ™‚ Dear Friends here , you are all invited to listen in case you like oldies…Pop music…beautiful melodies, music and songs… From easlylistening to pop (kitaro, elton john,beatle, bee gees, neil diamond, jim croce,super tramp, phil collins, peter paul and mary, sinatra …+country music, spanish, greec also sometimes…)…that’s my music already sharerd with thousands listeners around the world… Anyway, great topic you created, great blog also…have a good day. God bless all. Pierre from Radio satellite.

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